Mission & Values

GP Medic is an organisation set up by a current NHS partner in General Practice in Enfield.
We also want to make access to General Practitioners more accessible and provide an efficient GP Medic service.

We believe that health is the most important and precious gift we can have. Therefore, we recommend you look after it. With this in mind we have put together complete health checks but why do this?

Here are our reasons:
  • Detect Disease Early
  • Reduce Health Risks
  • To Provide a High Standard of Advice
  • To Give You Time with the Doctor
  • Ensure Peace of mind

Detect Disease Early Did you know that more women die from breast cancer than any other form of cancer?

That prostate cancer kills 10,000 men a year? The main benefit of health screening comes down to prevention and early detection.
Successful screening detects diseases at a stage where there is a chance for effective treatment.

Reduce Health Risks Did you know that the main risk factors for Coronary Heart disease are smoking, raised cholesterol, raised blood pressure and lack of exercise?

We have questionnaires and assessments which can help us to assess any potential risk and offer you timely advice to modify your lifestyle and behaviors which in turn will reduce your chances of developing illnesses in the future.

Provide a High Standard of Advice Did you know that we provide advice and services of a current NHS doctor?

We are very proud to offer you the advice and services of a current NHS doctor from University College of London and who is also a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners.

Give You Time with the Doctor Did you know that the length of an NHS GP consultation is 10 minutes?

We will offer you as much time as you need in your health check or GP consultation. With a complete health screen, you will be spending at least 1 hour with the doctor.

Give Ensure Peace of mind Maybe you have some worries regarding your health, more so if your worries are based on a family history of illness.

We want our health screening to provide you with any reassurance you need. We will ensure that our advice is specific to your needs and gives you peace of mind.

Provide multiple packages GPMedic has multiple health screening packages to choose from as per requirement

We offer packages like, Executive Screen, Well Man Screen, Well Woman Screen, Advance + Well Health Screen, Supreme Health Screen and Additional other tests